There is always something to
experience in the zoo.

All over the year we offer different activities to our visitors. All dates on one sight as PDF (German).
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Seehund, Puma & Co.

The Zoo am Meer on TV.

Watch all the exciting episodes on a regular basis on the German television!

Zoo school

School kids get known to the zoo

How much resemble humans and chimpanzees? We can scrutinize such questions in the fullest sense of the word in the zoo school i.e. find the reason in simple tests, read it in books and experience it playfully.

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Become a sponsor

The b.i.t. Bremerhaven is the sponsor of the arctic fox

The b.i.t. Bremerhaven is one of many sponsors of our animals. Especially the arctic fox is preferred by the Information Technology Enterprise. By a sponsorship they are supporting the Zoo am Meer for several years.

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Videos of the Zoo am Meer

News about the polar-bears, seals and penguins