Zoo cooperation Europe-wide and World-wide

The European Association of Zoos and Aquaria EAZA supports the cooperation between zoos and aquaria so to improve the quality of the animal keeping as well as to coordinate the research and the protection of the world-wide species variety. The Zoo am Meer is one of more than 260 members of 34 countries in the EAZA. Together we want to work for these aims.

There is also a world-wide community of zoos and aquaria. About 200 of them and 17 regional associations form the World Association of Zoos and Aquaria WAZA. Considering all regional associations the WAZA has more than 600 millions visitors, in Germany these are about 40 mil-lions people visiting all the zoos and zoological gardens once or more a year. Consequently zoos are the most visited institutions relating to education, nature and environmental protection world-wide.

Within the German-speaking area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) 60 zoos are united in the Verband Deutscher Zoodirektoren e.V, an association of zoos led under scientific aspects. A lot more are members of the Deutschen Tierparkgesellschaft and/or Deutschen Wildgehege-verbandes. This results in about 200 institutions just in Germany supporting the forming of the environment and nature conservation by showing living animals in connection with living space and way of living.

But also world-wide the zoos do not only keep and breed animals. Presently the zoos are partici-pating in more than 200 protection projects in the free land and it is estimated that more than 50 millions Euro are awarded and obtained by donations, contributions and other supporting measures for the nature conservation projects or are made available.

More than 1,9 millions people in Europe signed the list of petition for the EAZA Bushmeat campaign relating to the trade with bushmeat and consequently the threat of African game animal live stock and f.e. also the threat of chimpanzees and gorillas.

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