An animal sponsorship is something original, thankful and precious

You do not care for socks, cravats or other common presents? Why don’t you give just a likable polar resident or a cheeky jungle star? No matter if it is because of Christmas, birthday, wedding day, anniversary or just for yourself: an animal sponsorship with the Zoo am Meer is an original present idea bringing joy not only to the consignee but also to the nature.

All these things are included in the “present parcel”:

  • a personal sponsorship award with a photo of the sponsored animal
  • an invitation to the day of sponsors to learn everything about the life of the sponsored animal
  • a contribution receipt for the fees for such a sponsoring can be considered for the tax
  • a personal annual ticket if more than EURO 500,-- are given, an annual ticket for the whole family and a name plate on our sponsorship notice-board if more than EUR 1.000,-- are given

Animal sponsors ensure the active nature conservation and species protection

Why does an animal sponsorship mean a support to us? By the new building the Zoo am Meer has received a “foundation” of vital importance for the future. But the real “zoo work” just only starts now. Although the receipts by entrance fees and communal supports are sufficient to cover the  necessary expenses like operation and staff costs or for feedings: someone who has devoted to the nature conservation and species protection like our zoo has to do more than only to secure its existence. So the Zoo am Meer is not only an exciting place of leisure culture. It is offering the unique chance to experience game animals with all your senses . It is actively taking part in the breeding, keeping and research of threatened animal species and supports important scientific work. With regards to the population, especially to children and teenagers it is important to wake up and to deepen the enthusiasm for the nature and to make them sensible for the nature conservation and species protection via the animals as ambassadors.

Please support this valuable work of the zoo for the nature conservation and species protection! Because only things we know and cherish will be protected by us.

What are the costs for an animal sponsorship?

Polar bear EUR 2.500,--
Chimpanzee EUR 1.000,--
Sea-lion EUR 1.000,--
Sea-bear EUR 800,--
Cougar EUR 500,--
Seal EUR 500,--
Pygmy otter
EUR 250,--
White-fronted marmoset EUR 250,--
Arctic fox EUR 250,--
Humboldt penguin EUR 250,--
European pond turtle EUR 250,--
Snowy owl EUR 250,--
Kea EUR 200,--
Northern gannet
EUR 150,--
EUR 150,--
EUR 100,--
Ball python
EUR 100,--
Arctic hare   
EUR 100,--
EUR 100,--
Eider duck
EUR 50,--
EUR 50,--
Guinea pig
EUR 50,--
Pygmy chicken
EUR 50,--

How do you become an animal sponsor?

  • A sponsorship is valid for each one year and can of course prolonged if desired


  • If you have already chosen an animal, you can remit the sponsor amount directly to our account


  • If this should be the case you should urgently not forget to mention “Patenschaft” (sponsor) and the name of the desired animal species on your remittance form. Please mention your full address so that we can forward the documents to you.


In case you should have any questions regarding the animal sponsorship, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Here you get to our contact page

Bank details

Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven GmbH
Sparkasse Bremerhaven
Account No. 12 06133
CIP Code 292 500 00

Here you may download the information as PDF

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