White-fronted Marmoset | Callithrix geoffroyi

White-fronted marmoset – monkeys without living space

Distribution area
Brazil, South of Amazonas

Living space
Tree residents of the tropical rain forests

Way of living
Animals active during the day, living in family groups in a determined preserve

Omnivorous animals: plant sprouts, fruit, tree saps, insects, birds, eggs

Pregnancy 143 days, in general 2 young animals. The young ones are carried by either the father or the older brothers and sisters. Puberty of the females at an age of approx. 13 months, males a few months later. Restriction of inbreeding.

Body size
Size: approx. 20 cm (without tail), weight: approx. 400 g

Maximum age
16 years

Live stock / Protection status
Live stock endangered by the clearing of the tropical rain forest, being subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

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