Red-footed Tortoise | Geochelone carbonaria

Red-footed tortoise – a tropical beauty

Distribution area
Tropical South America, easterly of the Andes

Living space
Forest areas, gallery woods at courses of a river

Way of living
Active during the day

Vegetarian but also f.e. snails, worms, carcass

Pairing and laying of eggs already with an age of 8 years, 4-8 eggs in a 20 cm deep hole. Peeping out of the shell upon 115-150 days at 31,5°C

Body size
Length of shell up to 50 cm

Maximum age
More than 50 years

Live stock / Protection status
By destruction of the living space and eating by natives they are threatened to die out, being subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

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