Kea | Nestor notabilis

Keas – the clowns among the parrots

Distribution area
Mountains of the Southern island of New Zealand

Living space
Alpine wood zones, edge of forests, snow areas in winter

Way of living
The old males are living in preserves with up to 4 females, move a lot on the ground. You can recognize the male by the longer and more bent neb. The animals are very curious and imaginative.

Insects, carcass, buds, leaves, fruit and seeds

Laying the eggs in rock caves, dug-outs or tree roots, lined with moss, lichen and
chewed wood, up to 4 eggs, brood duration 29 days

Body size
Length: 48 cm

Protection status
Being subject to the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.
Thousands of keas had been killed by sheep breaders for they had gotten unjustifiably the bad reputation to kill sheeps.

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