Harbour Seal | Phoca vitulina

Harbour seals – not good walkers but nimble in the water

Distribution area
Northern hemisphere, European Atlantic coast Coasts of North America and of the North Pacific

Living space
Coastal waters, Wadden Sea, sandbanks, river mouths

Way of living
Living and hunting in groups

Several fish species, flat fish, crabs

Puberty: bulls at an age of 6 years, females at an age of 3-4 years, Pregnancy approx. 11 months. During this time the development of the bud rests for about 3 months. The young animals are suckled for 6 weeks

Body size
Weight: male: up to 150 kg, female: up to 110 kg
Length: both females and males: 1,20 – 1,50 m

Maximum age
more than 30 years in the zoo

Protection status
Protected by the Federal Decree for the Protection of Game Animals

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