Green Iguana | Iguana iguana

Distribution area
South Mexico up to Central South America

Living space
Rain forests along rivers

Way of Living
Living on trees next to waters. The young animals feed on arthropods, the grown animals just prefer vegetarian food

Puberty at the age of 3 years. Pairing season in December, upon a 8-10 week lasting pregnancy the laying of 10-60 eggs takes place in January, peeping out of the shell after 65-115 days.

Body size
Length of males up to 2 mtr, the females are smaller

Maximum age
Up to approx 20 years in human care

Protection status
Protected by the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora

Did you already know that ….
» the small growings having a length of 20 cm are sold for less money in almost every pet shop? They are going to be “disposed” by some way at the latest when they have become too big for the normal terrarium. The  reception stations are full of them. Our green iguana was found in the wood by some police men, fully emaciated and full of parasites.

» in case of artificial brooding of the eggs at more than 30°C mainly males are developing?

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