Grass Snake | Natrix natrix

Distribution area
Europe, North West Africa, West Asia

Living space
River borders overgrown with reed and weed

Way of living
Lives in and at the waters and hunts there for fish, toads and newts, rarely for mice. The hibernation takes place frost-free under rocks, stumps or in dug-outs.

The animals are pairing in spring time after the hibernation. Up to 50 longish eggs are laid in rotten plant material, peeping out of the eggs after 6-8 weeks

Body size
In exceptional cases more than 1,50 mtr

Maximum age
Up to 25 years in human care

Protection status
Especially protected by the Federal Decree for Species Protection

Did you already know that
» the animals are flattening the neck area in case of danger like a cobra, blowing up and rolling their body? While it is doing apparent bites a mal-odorous fluid is sprayed out of the anus glands.

» the animals also appear at the domestic garden pond and call panic among the residents? However they do not cause any danger to humans.

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