Fire-Bellied Toad | Bombina bombina

Distribution area
Middle and East Europe, North Germany

Living space
Spring to autumn in vegetation-rich flat waters, hibernation frost-free in dead wood, in leaves

Way of living
Living in bigger groups, at their spawn waters, grown toads catch insects in and at the waters, larvae feed on plant growth

Pairing in the water, the females is laying spawn clumps of up to 30 eggs which are stitched to plants Tadpoles up to 5,5 cm

Body size
Up to 5 cm

Maximum age
Up to 20 years in human care

Protection status
Especially protected by the Federal Decree for Species Protection

Did you already know that ….
» that animals ashore are taking over a typical frighten position in case of threat being known as toad reflex? In this case they contort their extremeties and lift them upwards so that the bottom side with its shining warning colour becomes visible.

» all toads have a secreta in their skin glands containing irritants and poisonous substances irritating mainly the mucous membranes of eyes and nose. Some of the containing substances are also poisonous, other have an anti-microbial effect and keep the body clean of bacteria and spores.

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