European Pond Turtle | Emys orbicularis

Distribution area
Europe, North-West Africa, South-West Asia

Living space
Vegetation-rich small waters, ditches, slow-floating streams

Way of living
Sun-tanning on stumps, looking for food i.e. for larvae, worms, snails and Insects also vegetarian food

Pairing after hibernation in April/May, laying of 3-15 eggs being 30 mm long and 20 mm thick in June/July, the young animals peep out of the shell in August/September, puberty at an age of 10 years

Body size
11-20 cm

Maximum age
Probably up to 120 years

Live stock / Protection status
Especially protected by the Federal Decree for Species Protection

Did you already know that …
» the European Pond turtle was eaten as lenten food up to the 19th century?

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