European Fire Salamander | Salamandra salamandra

Distribution area
West, Middle, South and South-East Europe, smaller areas in North Africa and
Near East

Living space
Cool and humid broadleaf wood and mixed forest

Way of Living
Hidden existence in niches, caves and chasms

Pairing ashore, the female carries the up to 80 embryos for about 8 months and releases them then into the water (Ovoviviparie). Larvae breathe through gills. Metamorphosis to terrestrial animals after approx. 3 to 6 months.

Body size
Length up to approx. 20 cm

Maximum age
Up to 50 years in human care

Protection status
Especially protected by Federal Decree of Species Protection

Did you already know that ….

» the skin of the fire salamander is poisonous? Besides hindering the growth of bacteria and fungus on the humid skin surface the poison serves to frighten away enimies. This can cause sickness, difficulties of breathing and vomition to sensible humans.

» the name originates from the fact that these animals were thrown into the flames in former times so to extinguish firebrands with the poisonous skin secreta?

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