Cougar, Mountain Lion | Felis (Puma) concolor

Cougar or Mountain lion – the lion which is unable to roar

Distribution area
South West Alaska up to South America

Living space
Depending on existence: Nordic woods, stony semi-deserts, tropical jungle

Way of living
Outsiders only living shortly as couples during pairing time

Very versatilely, from grass-hopper up to elk, mainly stags

Every 2 years, pregnancy 90-100 days, 2-5 cubs which are led for not more than 2 years. The young animals are spotted, the colouring is fading upon approx. 3 months.

Body size
Animals of some areas in Middle America and the Andes do only have a weight of 25 kg and an acromiom of 60 cm whereas taller specimens living in the colder areas of Canada and South America have a weight up to 110 kg and an acromiom of 76 cm.

Maximum age
20 years in human care

Live stock / Protection status
Some sub-species are already short of uprooting, being subject to the Washington Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.

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