Common Shellduck | Tadorna tadorna

Distribution area
Coasts from North to Baltic Sea, in humid areas in East Europe up to Asia

Living space
Coastal waters, Wadden Sea, slicky old branches of rivers

Way of living
The animals are already pairing in autumn/winter, drakes with protuberances. Upon propagation the animals flock together in the Wadden Sea (Knechtsand) to moult becoming unable to fly. They feed on snails, crabs, worms and insects.

7-12 eggs laid in old rabbit- or fox-burrows or self-digged caves from April to July. Brood duration: 28 days. The young animals flock together with up to 100 animals as “Kindergärten”

Body size
60 cm tall, weight up to 1,5 kg

Maximum age
up to 20 years

Protection status
Protected in the context of the protection guide-lines for game animals

Did you know already that ….
>>>> in the year 1954 up to 1957 numerous thousands of moulting common shell-ducks being flightless were killed by bombs on the island “Großer Knechtsand” (prepositioned between Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven) when the British Air Force used the island as a training base?

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